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Never Cross the Order

Never Cross the Order published on 2 Comments on Never Cross the Order

The first Dragonborn got his powers shortly after following Unicorn Soup on Facebook, Twitter, and sharing U.S. with all his friends and family. Wouldn’t you like to absorb dragon souls too?

Two guys I really like JJ Abrams and Gabe Newell announced today that they are looking to collaborate on both games and movies. We live in a brave and beautiful new world.

Certainly, it’s easy to nitpick the two creators–and preforming in nerd culture at the level that they do is sort of like being a sports star in New York City, that said I can’t wait for the collaboration. Think of it–a Valve Movie/Game crossover that blends the sci-fi genius that was the first two seasons of “Lost” with the innovative humor and storytelling of Portal…Aperture as Dharma Initiative?  A proper Half-Life movie complete with Orwellian overtones and not Shia cast as Gordon Freeman.

Or, the Holy Grail of crossovers–a Valve produced series of Star Wars games based on JJ’s up and coming Episodes VII, VIII and IX!  My friend Brian’s head has no doubt exploded somewhere in Ohio at this suggestion–but I can think of nothing better.

Think of the possibilities–Star Wars DoTA, Star Wars TF2, Star Wars Portal staring R2 and 3PO, Star Wars Left4Dead complete with Rakghoul Plague… the iterations are endless.

Thank you Universe for making these guys buddies. You have restored my faith, I guess  God really does love us nerds.




Holy… published on 4 Comments on Holy…

Tonight’s blog will be short as I need to explode somethings with an old flame, Rochelle.

Her hobbies include Depeche Mode, TV Producing, and zombie killin’.

I don’t know why I always wound up playing Rochelle, but I did. I couldn’t sing you a Depeche Mode song to save my buddy Keith’s life, so it can’t be that. I’ll leave you to speculate.

Longtime readers of the comic have no doubt guessed that Jim and I are huge Left 4 Dead fans. We played the game, as Jim has fondly noted, nearly every night for two years. I picked it up on Steam’s Summer Sale for $5 and find myself quickly falling in love all over again.

At this point in my life it’s an almost perfect game for me. It’s competitive and compelling, funny, and if my little guy wakes up I can walk away knowing that the AI will take over and my pals won’t be a Rochelle short when the horde arrives.

Man, oh man, does Valve know how to make a game!



Zarathustra II

Zarathustra II published on 2 Comments on Zarathustra II

Updates from the land where Unicorns are food.

Jim and I recorded a podcast with the Brothers TWXXD they run a real nice webcomic–Canadian, but very nice.

Think like Dan Aykroyd Canadian, not Bryan Adams Canadian.

Take some time to browse around their site as they put out several different strips. The “Talking with Toys” is my favorite of their lines, this one is for you Force. Thanks to the Brandon and Colin for hosting us, we’ll keep you posted as to the podcast’s air date but in the mean time you can find them on iTunes just search the podcast section for TWXXD (very professional).

As to the strip…

God bless the bizarre conversations spawned in party chat.

Especially when the party is divided between different titles. Sure it can be aggravating, but if you let your imagination wander a bit… well this is what you get.

This strip is loosely based on one such conversation–Jim dusted off TF2 with a few of our friends while my brother and I played Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 (fun game, horrible title). Repartee for the win.



The Rolling Dead

The Rolling Dead published on No Comments on The Rolling Dead

Every Monday Jim sends me a new finished strip, and every Monday I tell my wife, “This is the best one we’ve done!”

No doubt, I’ll say it again next Monday, but for now this is certainly my favorite.

It’s tough to tell a complete story, minimize dialog, and keep it funny in under a page–my hats off to my comic brethren who can pull it off in three panels.

To my mind this is one of our most successful pieces in all those regards. We’ve got four well realized characters (five if you count “The Roller!”), nice set-up in Panel 1 that leaves you wondering what that lovable scamp is up to, curious Mom delivers a Panel 2 joke set-up that the Boy kills in Panel 3 with the big “Roller Reveal.” Panel 4 establishes the final, and strongest, joke via the Girl’s enthusiastic outburst which leaves the reader with the aggravated Mom scolding the inappropriately proud Dad.

What does it all mean?

Well, hopefully it means someone at Valve will read it, pass it on to the Grand Master of Gaming Gabe–who’ll shoot Jim and I an invite to tour the studios. We’d gladly sign over the rights to “The Roller” special infected as well.

Think it over Valve.

Oh and Alyx Vance better not die in Episode 3… just saying.