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Follow Unicorn Soup on Facebook and Twitter

Follow Unicorn Soup on Facebook and Twitter published on No Comments on Follow Unicorn Soup on Facebook and Twitter

Thanks to all the Dark Souls fans for sending our readership through the roof!

Don’t stop following us now though!  Find us on Facebook by searching for, “Unicorn-Soup” or on Twitter at:



There’s an App for US!

There’s an App for US! published on No Comments on There’s an App for US!

We’re now App Accessible!  4.5/5 star App Accessible!  Oh and it’s TOTALLY FREE!

So we’re pretty much a big deal now, better get your fan letters in now while we still answer them.

You can find Unicorn Soup right alongside Penny Arcade, Order of the Stick, and all the other webcomics that you like almost as much as US.  You can even follow Calvin and Hobbes and Peanuts if your heart desires.

On your iPhone/iPod/iTunes.  Search the App store for:

“Web Comic du Jour”

There are two versions of the Web Comic du Jour.  The free version allows you to follow up to 8 of your favorite comics at a time, but honestly adding and deleting comics is a snap so in reality you can follow as many as you want at no cost.

The $1.99 version of the app allows you to follow as many comics as you want without adding or deleting any comics from your “Selected Comics” list.  If you want to kick these guys $1.99 then go for it, they were really great to work with–but I’m currently reading all the comics I want for a very reasonable $0.00.

May you spend all day tomorrow reading comics rather than working.



..and here we go!

..and here we go! published on 1 Comment on ..and here we go!

This is very exciting for Jack and I.  It’s been a long time coming, but I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.  The site is in great shape already, but there are still tweaks to be made, and functionality to be added.  Social media functions will come in the next couple of weeks, but the RSS feed is up and running if you want to be notified of updates. Sorry, but there will be ads, as we’d like to offset our webhost’s fees.  Be sure to let us know if they are inappropriate, noisy, or otherwise distracting.

We’re planning on a weekly update for the comic, at least to start. So have a look around, take a poke at the comments or the contact tool if you’d like, and enjoy!