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Hobbit Feet: Reflections on Nerd cred

Hobbit Feet: Reflections on Nerd cred published on 5 Comments on Hobbit Feet: Reflections on Nerd cred

Nerd cred is more often than not given for what a person knows.

Like, in what episode did Captain Kirk get it on with the green chick?  Please don’t answer, I truly don’t care.  I’m just making a point.

Jim gets a substantial amount of credit for what he doesn’t know.

When I sent him the initial script for this piece he responded that even though he didn’t know who Tom Brady was the script still worked, and that it was even better after he Googled him. As I drafted the piece, I was worried that my Tolkien reference that fell outside of the Holy Jackson Trilogy might be problematic.  It never crossed my mind that the wildly famous, married to Gisele, three time Super Bowl winner would prove to be the obscure reference.

I’ve long fancied myself as something of a Nerd Royal–a Nerd King even.  Jim’s response was so pure that it’s caused me to questions my royal lineage.

Perhaps I’m just a Nerd Steward, which would cast Jim in the role of the unwilling Nerd King forced to reclaim his crown.

Ugh… identity crisis.

An unabashed display of arcane nerd lore will help my ego, I hope all of you fail so that I can feel special again.  By your failure I am made stronger 🙂

Check out the poll below and NO cheating.  I’ll post the answer early next week.

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