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The Rolling Dead

The Rolling Dead published on No Comments on The Rolling Dead

Every Monday Jim sends me a new finished strip, and every Monday I tell my wife, “This is the best one we’ve done!”

No doubt, I’ll say it again next Monday, but for now this is certainly my favorite.

It’s tough to tell a complete story, minimize dialog, and keep it funny in under a page–my hats off to my comic brethren who can pull it off in three panels.

To my mind this is one of our most successful pieces in all those regards. We’ve got four well realized characters (five if you count “The Roller!”), nice set-up in Panel 1 that leaves you wondering what that lovable scamp is up to, curious Mom delivers a Panel 2 joke set-up that the Boy kills in Panel 3 with the big “Roller Reveal.” Panel 4 establishes the final, and strongest, joke via the Girl’s enthusiastic outburst which leaves the reader with the aggravated Mom scolding the inappropriately proud Dad.

What does it all mean?

Well, hopefully it means someone at Valve will read it, pass it on to the Grand Master of Gaming Gabe–who’ll shoot Jim and I an invite to tour the studios. We’d gladly sign over the rights to “The Roller” special infected as well.

Think it over Valve.

Oh and Alyx Vance better not die in Episode 3… just saying.