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The Method–Our 50th Comic!

The Method–Our 50th Comic! published on 5 Comments on The Method–Our 50th Comic!

“The Method” represents Unicorn Soup’s 50th comic.

Happy 50th to Jim!

Happy 50th to me!

50 is indeed a big number, a number which wouldn’t have been possible without our loved ones and friends.

Thanks to our lovely spouses for putting up with, supporting, critiquing, and encouraging Jim and I in our comic pursuits. You smile when we act like children, and we love you for it.

Thanks to John Pezzetti for designing our website. His generosity with his time and talents is extraordinary.

Thanks to our friends and family who laugh at the caricatures they inspire.

Thanks to our gaming friends who continue to provide us with more material than we can produce. You are a wonderful and bizarre group of people.

Thanks to our fellow creators for their support and encouragement. I am terrible at Twitter and yet you still seem to like me–too kind, all of you.

Thanks to our readers for laughing at our jokes. I hope that we only disappoint you periodically.

Finally, thanks to my creative partner Jim for wading through my early scripts with a machete, and for graciously referring to my hideous grammatical mistakes as “typos.” You’re a great friend and I suspect we’ll meet each other some day. Our children will laugh and play, our wives will tell stories of our nerdery, and we’ll sneak off to play guitar.

Thank you all for being a part of my charmed life. That you would take time to read my silliness humbles me.  But you do, and for that you have my sincere gratitude and love.

To 50 more comics!