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Rip Off

Rip Off published on 2 Comments on Rip Off

Everything’s coming up Milhouse here in the land of the Soup.

We’ve been nominated for a spot on Kotaku’s Sunday Comics.  There are two things you can do to help us get there.

  1. Vote!  Here’s the link.  You can vote for up to ten artists, just be sure that we’re one of them 🙂  Give our buddy Javis over at Legacy Control some love as well…come on the man quit his job to make you laugh, the least you can do is toss a few dozen votes his way from every IP you’ve got access to.
  2. Spread the word!  Share the URL below with your Facebook/Twitter friends, there’s no login necessary, and ten seconds of your time could make a huge difference in our lives.  Here’s the link, and it’s built for sharing 🙂

The exposure we’d receive would be huge for Jim and I–good lord I want this to happen!  Just look at this post, I’m using emoticons!  I never do that–this is serious.


In news unrelated to my comic fantasies…huh, well actually there’s nothing else in my brain right now.  Basically, I’m just wondering how much grovelling and begging is too much, and how I might get access to a huge bank of computers.