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The Man of Seattle

The Man of Seattle published on 1 Comment on The Man of Seattle

First and most importantly, Happy Birthday to my lovely wife. I love and adore you!

Well, everyone is sick in the Casa de Jack this week. Colds remind me what a wimp I am. Both my toddler and my wife handle being sick WAY better than I do. Usually my method for overcoming illness is a steady diet of tea and gaming. This time around the bug happened to coincide with one of the best purchases I’ve ever made the Looney Tunes Golden Collection.  What’s so great about this, other than the hundreds of hours of amazing toons is that they’re all original… so Bugs drinks, smokes, and plays Russian Roulette. I like cultural sensitivity as much as the next guy, but I do hate revising classic art in the name of modern cultural mores. The collection also includes great bonus features–like commentary by the great Chuck Jones.

For all you would be parents out there I’ve got two pro-tips for you.

  1. Buy the Looney Tunes Golden Collection–you and your kids will love it
  2. Burnt flour works wonders for diaper rash. Like amazing alchemy magic.

Time for more Bugs and tea.