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Twxxd podcast featuring Unicorn Soup is up!

Twxxd podcast featuring Unicorn Soup is up! published on 1 Comment on Twxxd podcast featuring Unicorn Soup is up!

As Jack had mentioned before, he and I joined the Twxxd brothers for an episode of their regular podcast. That podcast is now available online. It’s fun and informative. You’ll marvel at the compelling origin story of Unicorn Soup! Your mind will boggle when you learn where the name came from! You’ll learn how to make alcoholic beverages that may or may not cause blindness! You’ll shudder to learn the diabolical process that we use to make the comic! And Jack will share a life lesson that will make your life richer and guarantee* you’ll get laid more often!

Go listen, and let us know what you think!


*not a guarantee.

TWXXD/Legacy Control Podcast

TWXXD/Legacy Control Podcast published on No Comments on TWXXD/Legacy Control Podcast

Hey kids!

Have time to kill?  Long commutes got you down?  Cheer up, two of our favorite comic creators have put out another in their long line of time hilarious and wide ranging podcasts.

They can get a little blue from time to time so if you’ve got sensitive ears or a co-worker limit your listening accordingly.