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What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come published on No Comments on What Dreams May Come

Poor Patrick, he’s too honest. It does sound like a nice dream.

I don’t usually offer effusive praise for my partner in my posts, but man Jim killed it in this one. I love the action in this strip–the band’s postures as they rock, the pillow attack, Patrick’s homage to Pete Townsend. ¬†Awesome. If you listen real close you can almost make out the band’s unique arrangement of “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

Who knew it could be done zydeco?

On another note, I picked up my annual lawyer game on Steam this week.

Magic 2013 is going to be a nice obsession for me. Thus far I’m undefeated. Maybe tomorrow I’ll stop playing the tutorial.

If you wind up playing against me on Steam please bear in mind that I’m a good loser a rare thing in the Magic world. ¬†That said, I’m an even better winner–so why not throw a few matches, just to see me win.

It’s a holiday so I’ll be a little short in my blog, I hope you all came out of the Fourth of July with all your fingers.