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Writer's Block

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block published on 6 Comments on Writer’s Block

This is another early one.  I use fake sable brushes (synthetic mixed with sheep works pretty well), a very old pen with lettering nibs that I got from a box of my father’s ancient school supplies that he was holding onto for no reason, and pigment liner markers.  I use sumi ink because it’s super black, and NOT waterproof!  Most comic guys recommend Black Magic or other waterproof inks, but those contain shellac which destroys brushes and in my experience isn’t all that waterproof anyway.  I’m able to brush gouache over the sumi ink, and that’s all that’s necessary anyway (That and keeping the artwork out of the rain).  Every time I get ready to shell out for actual sable, I chicken out.  I’m hell on brushes as it is, and $50 brushes just aren’t disposable.  They work far better than the synthetic crap, though.