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Jedi Existenialism

Jedi Existenialism published on 3 Comments on Jedi Existenialism

I have unleashed a terror on the internet… the terror’s name, “Darth-Paul Fartre.”

What could be more frightening than a flatulent Darth? You can’t snicker when he lets one slip or you’ll wind up on the wrong side of a Force Choke with no Grand Moff Tarkin there to intercede.

He is a a fearsome mix of modern philosophy and potty joke. You’re welcome reader.

The strip itself is based on my experience playing Bioware’s Star Wars:  The Old Republic (SWTOR). I chose a Role-Playing/PvP server because one of the greatest barriers to my suspension of disbelief is the player base. If I’m feeling all Han Solo and some guy named “SithedNmyPants” runs by it’s tough for me to stay in a Star Wars frame of mind.

Even on my Role Playing server though, there are far too many names that wouldn’t fit into canon. Such is the life of an MMO Player I suppose.



PS The character on the far left in the cantina panel “OG Buttchin” has possibly the worst, and by extension best gamer name ever.

As one of my students said, “Sometimes something can be so bad that it does a 360 and strangely becomes good.”

I’m not sure if he passed Geometry, but I like the metaphor. Thanks to Jim, the “Buttchin” will live in all your memories as he does ours. A twirling legend.