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Do You Believe in Magic

Do You Believe in Magic published on 1 Comment on Do You Believe in Magic

The Soup doesn’t usually go political.

Nor does the Soup typically write about itself in the 3rd Person.

Reader it’s your lucky day.

We at the Soup would like to start by apologizing to the mythical fairy community. It’s crummy to be associated in any way with Aiken–we went with the “Conception Fairy” joke after testing out a long series of possible Aiken beliefs including:

Conception Centaur (Old Spice Commercials make me laugh so the centaur was a nonstarter)

Conception Cerberus (Man’s best friend, even with two heads)

Conception Leprechaun (They paid me off in yellow moons)

So, the Soup settled on fairies.  The Soup is very sorry.

On a semi-serious note…sadly, too many people share Aiken’s staggeringly idiotic, and wildly misogynistic views. Increasingly, I find that like Professor Farnsworth, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

Since I can’t leave, I guess the only thing I can do is ridicule them for the rest of time.

Have you mocked an idiot today?