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Hitman:Absolution:Mini-Review published on 2 Comments on Hitman:Absolution:Mini-Review

In other stealth murder news…I picked up Skyrim on Steam a week or so ago.

Though my life is about as hectic as it has ever been, I’ve put in a fair number of hours with my Illusionist-Archer. This is sort of a departure for me as I typically go for the Paladin build or perhaps malevolent mage. That said, I’m loving the game and the character. There’s something¬†exquisite¬†about a game that gives you the sense that you’ve outsmarted your opponents rather than just out muscled them.

I picked up the two DLC add-ons as well during Steam’s Fall Sale–so I’m well on my way to domestic bliss both in game and in real life. Though I may be going goth soon too.

If you missed our holiday special because of–well the holiday, then check our some delicious nerd left-overs here.

Happy retailing this month soup fans.