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Quick Time

Quick Time published on No Comments on Quick Time

I like to imagine that one day I’ll get a fan letter.  In my imagination my fan letter goes a little something like this…


Dear Jack,

You and Jim are my “Bill and Ted.”  I’d like to be your Rufus.  I have a time traveling phone booth, streamlined ponytail, and trench coat.  I’m also from the future.

Much like the fictional Bill and Ted, your art has changed the future—because of you a transcendent period in human history will dominate the millennia following your deaths.  Poverty and disease are distant memories. War has been forgotten.   Facebook now allows people to permanently delete their profiles.  It’s a beautiful period in human existence. 

Also, much like Rufus, I believe that I can help to protect you from the forces that are conspiring to destroy you.  You should know that a Replica Jack and Jim are even now bound for the awesome studio apartment you share.  You’ll be happy to hear that I was able to wound the Replica Jack last Thursday at the city pool.  Find enclosed the pinky toe I was able to bite off Replica Jack in the deep end. 

Please write back soon and enclose your apartment number.  I’ve found your apartment complex, but I’m really getting tired of knocking on doors.



PS  I hate you.

PPS  Let’s not fight.

PPS  Does Jim ever talk about me?

PPPS  What was the first comic you and Jim ever wrote together?  I was unable to find this in the Jack-a-torium (or as you would call them the library). 



That was a long fan letter, I’m not reading that.  In my imagination I’m very busy.

I’m just going to imagine my secretary takes care of my fan mail.



PS   “Quick Time” was our first comic.