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It’s So Big

It’s So Big published on 2 Comments on It’s So Big

Ah, back to our roots with a nice dick joke strip.

You’re welcome readers.

Confession time, I haven’t played Skyrim yet.  The reality is, I probably won’t until sometime in 2012.

Between a new baby, career, comic, and another holiday “Game-alanche” (that’s a combination of “Game” and “Avalanche” which I’m now trademarking) I’ve got a lot of unfinished games.

I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent with Battlefield 3, though the treadmill is absurd and meaningless to me.  Dark Souls has me up against a wall, I need to spend time grinding for souls to progress–but I have no time or desire to spend grinding.

Then there’s Uncharted 3, my God I love that series.

If only the writers at Naughty Dog had written Indiana Jones IV, and saved us from the calamity that shall not be named.  Nathan Drake may find himself in some wacky predicaments, but I swear they’d never put him in fridge.

A fridge.

More on Uncharted 3 in the coming weeks.

Oh, and the answer to last week’s poll question was Trandoshan.  Which somehow most of you knew… *cough* Cheaters! *cough*

Damn you Wookieepedia .