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The Grass is Greener, Part 3

The Grass is Greener, Part 3 published on 4 Comments on The Grass is Greener, Part 3

Ah the couch.

A time honored husband tradition. If you haven’t spent time there–well, then you’re single.

If you’ve tried to make your wife sleep there–that would mean you’re probably divorced.

Clearly, Molly and Jack have been married a while too–as she knew to go for his glasses. There’s nothing I hate more than getting smacked in the glasses.

Not that my wife throws things at my head regularly.  In fact, the only thing I can ever recall her throwing at me is a pie.

Just like in the movies.

I think she threw a dutch apple pie at me rather than the traditional cream pie. She’s sort of a trailblazer in that regard. Having “Pie” on your Wife CV as the only thing you’ve ever thrown at your husband must mark her as a person of special distinction among other wives. She won’t verify this with me though.

One thing I can independently verify, is that I’m glad pies are difficult to aim. That and I’m glad she throws like a girl.