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Darkspawn Diary

Darkspawn Diary published on No Comments on Darkspawn Diary

It occurred to me that I might spend a bit of time explaining the origin of our comics–particularly when they’re a bit obscure. So something that my webcomic peers have taken to doing naturally I have come to approaching the end of our first year. Yep, I’m a genius.

This comic is based on the Darkspawn from Bioware’s “Dragon Age Universe.” The Darkspawn are, for all intents and purposes, orcs.

Like orcs, they run spasmodically and jabber away in an unintelligible and guttural gibberish. The comic was born by using the old, “They’re not really bad, they’re just misunderstood” trope. In this case the creepy smiling darkspawn was really just an excited kid, who dreamed of reaching the mysterious surface, and exploring its wonders. Sadly the first wonder the boy encountered was the wonder of the wandering warriors (Alliteration!).

In awkward segway news, “The Muppets Movie” is awesome.Watch it. If you don’t like it then I’d like you to check your chest for a scar because Dick Cheney may have drugged you in the night and swapped hearts with you.



PS  Unicorn-Soup trivia– our comic was very nearly called “Castle Time” (Trademarked!) after my wife’s comic misunderstanding of the “Dragon Age” title.

Let Them Look

Let Them Look published on 3 Comments on Let Them Look

If I can ever get Jim on Facebook, we should bring some collective pressure to bear to see if we can get him to release the photos he had to take of himself for this piece.

In gaming news, I’ve moved to the Dark Side for a time.

Star Wars:  The Old Republic has been filling the slivers and cracks of free-time I have. Think of the game like a PG-13 Mass Effect–the character models, voice acting, and goofy running animation you either love or hate from Bioware are all there.

At this point, I’m playing through the game with my brother and for all intents and purposes we’re playing it like a co-op game. There are, of course, giant guilds already and I’ve no doubt they’re engaged in power-leveling, flowcharts, drop rate analysis, and all the anal-retentive horseshit that makes MMO players so insufferable.

If I ever mention drop rates, or optimal dps builds–please, help me.  Seriously, not joking, help me.

Anyway back to why the game is awesome and a threat to my soul… What separates the SWTOR experience from something like WoW is that Bioware has clearly worked to tell a story with each of the classes–a really, really good story.

Bioware has also succeeded completely in making me feel heroic from the outset. It shouldn’t take 40 “heroes” to kill any random mob (*ahem*Blizzard I’m looking in your direction), Bioware has gone the route of small groups and heroic battles and so far I’m totally and completely loving it the experience.

To my fellow Star Wars fans, if you’ve got a PC that can run it you really owe it to yourself to pick it up at some point. Forceflow, I’m talking to you my man.