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The Other Guy

The Other Guy published on 3 Comments on The Other Guy

This week I’ll be tackling some FAQ’s for the blog:

Question 1, comes from, “My need to accentuate the positive.”

What is the average height of the Unicorn Soup staff?

Great question! Unicorn Soup is staffed exclusively with the awkwardly tall. The average staff member is 6’4 1/2 ” tall.

Unless of course we’ve gotten into our wives’ heels again.  In which case, we become far taller and far more awkward.

Question 2, comes from, “My sense of self-loathing.”

A lot of your strips deal with husbands humiliating themselves in front of their wives.  Are humiliations such a common experience in your real life?

Apparently, “My sense of self-loathing” is single. Look back after you’re married and this will seem like a silly question.

Question 3, comes from, “My need for external validation.”

Your comic is great! In two words or less, can you tell me how Jim became such an amazing artist and how you became such a hilarious writer?

Gamma rays.

Question 4, comes from, “My desire to sit at the cool kids’ table.”

Other than your own, what are some of your favorite webcomics?

Most of these are NSFW due to naughty words (Zombie Boy excluded).

Legacy Control

The Obscure Gentlemen

The Frumps


Zombie Boy

We follow and read quite a few outstanding talents, but I’m too tired to post them all.  Follow me (Jack) on Twitter for more awesome webcomics.

Our final question comes from, “Fear itself.”