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Summer Movies published on 2 Comments on Summer Movies
Toddler Sized and Toddler Colored
Baby Indy’s 1st guitar.

Daddy plays guitar–so it’s natural baby would too.

I’m not great at it though, point of fact I think I’m a very average guitarist. I played in a college band, played some crappy shows, and generally had a ball.

Quick aside, thank god there was no YouTube or social networking with which to document the travesty that was the “Abdominal Snowmen.” I can’t believe we didn’t notice how homoerotic our band name was at the time–it may explain our total lack of groupies. Be careful what you document young readers, somethings should pass into memory. Like our single, “Beef-steak!”

I’m so glad none of you will ever hear that.

In one respect my son has already eclipsed my humble Rock CV–he smashed his first guitar today.

Moments after I’d tuned the thing too, though for this baby guitar tuned should probably read “tuned.”

Like all guitar smashings I’ve seen it was both beautiful and horrifying. A shame and a triumph. Chocolate and vanilla.

Rest in peace tiny guitar. We hardly knew thee, and had yet to name thee.

Sadly not Toddler Proofed
Baby Indy’s 1st guitar–R.I.P.  July 18th 2012-July 18th 2012