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I’m pleased to see Jason from “Far Cry 3” found work after his little island adventure.

While I agree the torso thing was in bad taste, I have to wonder how crap like that gets past the radar. Are the people designing these things – and making the decision to run with them – not aware of the Internet’s capacity for magnifying even the smallest issues into full blown panic?

On the other hand, any publicity is good publicity. I mean, here we are talking about “Dead Island: Riptide” when normally it would barely be on our radar.

You’ve got a sharp eye, friend.
To be honest, it seems to me impossible that no one in their marketing department would have reservations about this, which leaves the conclusion that they subscribe to the “no such thing as bad publicity” model.

Then again, I’ve worked for corporations that ruthlessly weeded our employees who didn’t subscribe to the groupthink. And if the groupthink is sufficiently macho then maybe a train wreck like this is possible after all.

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