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Three Short Stories about State of Decay

Three Short Stories about State of Decay published on No Comments on Three Short Stories about State of Decay

My father’s day card from my son this year was a comic about State of Decay. How cool is that? We adapted it here, as the second story. It may look like we’re complaining about the game, but actually we both enjoyed it quite a bit. It has many little ‘gamey’ quirks, but the core idea about playing as a group of survivors (not just one person), cooperating with other enclaves and scavenging for resources while trying to manage the monsters is quite compelling. It’s true that time in the game does pass while you’re not playing, but it does so logarithmically; the longer you’re away the slower time passes for your survivors. As long as you keep the pantry and armory stocked, things aren’t too bad when you come back– though morale will be low. It’s too bad I haven’t found a cache of antidepressants yet.

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