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There Can Be Only Dumb

There Can Be Only Dumb published on 3 Comments on There Can Be Only Dumb

It’s pretty obvious I’m hand-lettering these comics.  I’m working on that, but my handwriting’s always been pretty awful.  I’m doing as much as possible by hand actually.  The gray tones in this comic are added digitally, but I’m trying with each comic to make it as complete as possible using traditional tools and methods.  At the end I scan it and make any touch-ups that are necessary.  Most corrections are made with gouache or white-out tape, though.

That said, I did cheat with the reverse text in this comic, by inverting the panels digitally.


I always liked to think Ramirez was training McCloud because he thought (re: knew) that McCloud was the only one who could defeat The Kurgan and use the prize to become mortal. That being said, the movie doesn’t hold up as a series. The sequels kind of kill the first movie by revealing that they’re all just aliens and the TV series with all the movie tie-ins don’t help at all.

Besides, most couples know that there are movies that shouldn’t be watched together. My girlfriend forbids me to watch the Twilight movies with her, mostly because I ruin them with snide comments and she can’t watch bad action movies with me because she ruins it for me.

Perhaps most couples that have been together a certain amount of time know that there are movies to watch separately. But most couples also find this out through direct experience. It’s true that there are movies my wife and I have to watch separately, and we now are aware of that. But reaching that awareness, by showing off your ill-remembered prized treasures only to meet a raised eyebrow or a blank look– that’s a ritual. A rite of passage that most relationships have to pass through. Possibly.

My better half actually likes action movies… which is nice for me. We’ve spent many a happy night in the flickering glow of Predator and Die Hard.

My problem is that I actually remembered Highlander as a good movie, and I got all nerd indignant when I found out she hadn’t seen it. Funny thing happens with age, we become more discerning consumers of media. I don’t know how else to explain the fact that as a kid I thought The Highlander was awesome, or the fact that Transformer movies have made such an obscene shit ton of money.

Patrick my man, you’ve got to see Twilight if for no other reason do it for the MST3K factor. At the very least, you owe it to yourself to check out the sparkle scene. The jokes write themselves.


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