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The Rolling Dead

The Rolling Dead published on 5 Comments on The Rolling Dead

Happy Halloween! Or Jesus Ween, if you’re so inclined.  I love the idea of Jesus Ween because I love double entendres! And I particularly love it when people are oblivious to them. But my favorite form of celebration this time of year has to be the Mexican form.  Sugar skulls, papier-mache devils, good food, good drink– Dia De Los Muertos is the way to go.


Think of it as promoting diversity in video games.

I gotta say, those kids are as adorable as the Roller is gruesome. And please don’t take offense, because she’s probably based on someone’s spouse, but I’m also a big fan of the mom/wife. Rawr. I’m sure I’m not the only admirer.

Brilliant work as always, gents!

hey, this is “quinnyarch” for Jack — we used to play play BF2 bad comany and TF2 occasionally online. good job with the site! i just read through all the comics and wanted to wish you well. i think you have an interesting niche here, with a nicely defined audience, etc. my favorite ones are the ones where the gamers break away and you see the people and their characters. the left4dead (where they worry about the kid) and the gears of war one (where the players are below the characters) stand out to me in particular, with respect to story telling. PS: special request for a TF2 webcomic! best of luck!


Thanks for the kind words and for reading our work! Story telling is an interesting animal in such a finite medium, but I think Jim and I (especially I) are falling into a nice groove.

As to your request… well we’ve got a TF2 themed piece scheduled for a little over two months from now so keep checking back 🙂

Hopefully, we’ll catch you on Battlefield 3 in the coming weeks.

Cheers my man,


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