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I like to play this game of “Can I shut the door fast enough after they open it that they can’t enter and are forced to open it again and how many times can I do this before everyone gets through the door?”

This might make me an asshole.

This is even more entertaining with bots.

I was disappointed when Microsoft changed the new Xbox. Gamestop can burn down for all I care (all of them), there were quite a few interesting new things going on, and I’m all for having a Steam experience on my console, especially if it can drive down prices and possibly introduce the same type of sales (not guaranteed.) The only thing I didn’t like was that 24-hour mandatory check-in, which seemed a bit silly and over-the-top absurd.

I have more to say about it, but it’s all a jumbled mess in my head and I don’t want to vomit all over this comment, and I’m too lazy to organize it.

It does make you an asshole, but that doesn’t mean it’s not funny.

The drama and noise about the next gen is grating to me, but I will say this: The thing that gets me about the Microsoft switcheroo is that it’s perfectly plausible that they could have arranged for both systems– the discless license-based system, and the older disc-based system to coincide. It’s possible for them to give consumers the best of both worlds, and let the market decide. But large corporations are so much into the idea of marketing as narrative– they weren’t selling a content system at E3, they were selling the story of a content system as salvation and redeemer that they’ve lost track of their consumers’ wants. In part because marketing is a really weird beast these days, but also because they got confused and thought that their customers were game publishers, rather than game players.

Yeah, I don’t see why they can’t have both.

Also, Kinect. Man, I hate that thing. The fact that it is mandatory really bothers me. It may be the very thing that keeps me from buying the Xbone.

I wonder if Microsoft realizes that condemning the name “Xbone” has only solidified its usage.

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