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Good comic, as always, guys! Congrats on the 50.

Having said that, that is the worst positioning of cards I’ve ever seen (other than from a few of my friends :l ). Come on Jack! What’s with that card by the bottle? Is it tapped? Attacking? Untapped? Checking out all the honeys walking by?! And those lands! Or is it land?! I CAN”T TELL! JUDGE!


Seriously though, awesome work dudes!

Caught red-handed! I failed to do my research on M:TG– and I haven’t played since the alpha, because I dislike LAWYER GAMES.

There, I said it.

I hurr that. I’ve developed such a dislike for Magic that I make the titular “look” whenever I play. You see, I was forced to play when I was at PAX East. I mean, what would we play? Poker?

Don’t tell Javis I said that, he works for the same company and could probably Freddy Krueger through my iMac and kill me (he’s in IT, they have POWERS). That man loves MtG something fierce.

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