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Spiritual Hygiene

Spiritual Hygiene published on 14 Comments on Spiritual Hygiene

The Black Phantom above is modeled after my son’s character in Dark Souls. He is very proud of this fact, but wants it to be clear that his gamertag is not KoopaKutie83. That was a bit of artistic license on our part. He hasn’t yet invaded someone’s game to grief them, but I know the temptation is strong. The Book of the Guilty has been a good deterrent, so far.


It’s amazing what Jim is doing–the comic has an incredible amount of depth and life. In our earlier pieces I had way too much dialog because having just started working with Jim I wasn’t sure how emotive our characters would be. II also love the illusion of color that the more recent pieces have. Pezzetti is a PRO!

Hah! Epic. Totally love it.
The invasion element of Dark Souls is what will keep it interesting for years to come.
I played Demon’s Souls since it came out years back all the way up to Oct. 4th 2011.

Great linework as well!

Thanks Shinobi… Jim and I were talking about invasions just last night. I’ve yet to be invaded and it sort of disappoints me. Invade my game people! 🙂 It was so exhilarating to be invaded in Demon’s Souls–even when I got killed (which was more often than not) I was happy just for the thrill of the invasion dynamic.


Thanks for the kind words! I’ve noticed people on Facebook complaining that our comic is unrealistic because Dark Souls doesn’t support VOIP. While this is true (our comic is neither realistic, nor does DS support VOIP), we have managed to communicate in-game using Xbox Live’s private chat. Summoning friends into our own game is difficult, but we have also managed that with a little bit of patience and planning. But it’s true, FROM did not include Beetlejuice nor Candyman in the game, and we apologize for any confusion that our comic may have caused.

Oh my god, this was awesome, being an avid “Souls” player (spent 150+ hours on Demon’s Souls and am currently playing Dark Souls) I loved this cartoon, its just a shame i never get invaded, because i would probably whip the crap out of them, and have alot of fun doing it. In Demon’s Souls i was invaded every few hours, (every ten minutes on world 4-1, 4-2 and 1-3 xD) unfortunately i decided to stick to this game’s roots and so I got it for PS3, so i won’t be playing with you guys any time soon..

I love your PSN ID! “PepsiKoala” is fabulous! Thanks for the kind words 🙂

Jim and I were talking about the whole invasion thing just the other night, he got invaded twice in very short succession by the same player–when Jim figures out the Book of the Guilty this guy is doomed 🙂 I’ve yet to be invaded but I hope to be killed by a high level infinite soul exploiting phantom very soon.

It is weird though that I remember being invaded really regularly in Demon’s Souls but not even once so far in Dark Souls. I wonder if it will change as more players actually beat the game and get bored of playing nice with others. Idle hands and all that.

We’ve got a new comic Thursday so check back soon my man!


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