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Random-Generated Arabian Nights

Random-Generated Arabian Nights published on No Comments on Random-Generated Arabian Nights

We’ve been trying out the board game “Tales of the Arabian Nights.” I like games that have mechanics that randomize or mix up the experience– it keeps the game fresh for much longer. I like this game, but at times I think it’s a little too random– there’s almost no pacing, as most of the content is available from turn one. And occasionally you can run into a continuity problem, like encountering a landslide while in the middle of the ocean. There’s also either a misprint or omission in the manual (which would be weird– it’s been in print for a long time), or the people designing the box have never played the game– The box says 1-2 hours game time. We’ve never had a game shorter than 3 hours, and that was with altering the rules (making the win-state easier).  We’re tinkering with house rules to make the game shorter, but I still love this game, because stuff like the above can happen. Winning a night of pleasure from a fire-demon whilst still in donkey form because of a mistep with an evil wizard? That’s good story, y’all.

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