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It shows how much I’ve grown as a nerd that I WILL NOT point out that the TIE Fighter appears to be the standard TIE/LN fighter. The “Interceptor”, or TIE/IN, has forward-angled wings.

Wait, damnit!

I remember the Micro Machines versions from the 90s were the flimsiest things ever. No amount of repair by my dad could keep them spaceworthy. When a friend busted out the X-Wing tabletop game a few months ago, I refused to touch any of the miniatures. My hands are not for their gossamer wings…

The original script calls it a “Fighter.” I changed it as I was lettering to make it sound geekier to the non-Star-Wars-Fan readers, and also to twist the panties of our Dedicated-Star-Wars-Fan readers– specifically you, Brian.

And you fell for my little trap!

To be perfectly honest, I’m surprised Jack didn’t call me on it when he reviewed the final. I guess his proofreading leaves a little to be desired. 🙂

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