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There are so many things right about this strip. I can relate 🙂

The invisible focus group Jack mentions in his blog post totally missed that right here, in this comic, we have the entire emotional range of the human female (with regards to her mate): “Come Hither,” “Annoyed,” and, in panel 3, “Slitting Your Throat.”

There may be some others, but in my experience they’re minor and fleeting.

What kind of a world do we live in where the price of sex comes in the form of The Notebook? Oh dear lord, I’m almost glad I’m never getting laid again.

(Not really…)

Sappy movies are really only the tip of the iceberg. Trips to the “Enrichment Center,” as Forceflow calls it, contain hidden costs far, far greater than an hour and a half of eye-rolling. Progeny, for example. Or the “sadistic choice” prefaced by the question, “Does this [article of clothing] make me look fat?”

I just want to say, Jack and I went to The Notebook and left after five minutes in the theater, so this strip must be all imagination. That, and he obviously never gets laid. All fiction, folks. (I kid, we stayed and watched The Notebook)

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