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Night of 100 Zombies

Night of 100 Zombies published on 5 Comments on Night of 100 Zombies

Ladies, gentlemen and the rest of you (you know who you are), Unicorn Soup has finally reached 100 comics! A celebration is in order. If you’re seated in a swivel chair, feel free to spin yourself around now.


I spun around in my swivel chair, quite literally. Just for you.

Why is he breaking that golf club over his knee?

I foresee the wives coming out of this alive after the men have become zombified.

I didn’t intend for Doc to look like he was breaking the golf club– He’s stomping the zombie beneath him, and I thought I was drawing him holding the club out in front of him defensively. It’s important when drawing comics to take a step back and look carefully, to try to spot areas where the drawing or action is unclear. Obviously, I totally missed that particular problem. But at least it doesn’t look rude or perverse. Not that Doc isn’t rude or perverse, just that I didn’t want him to be so in this panel.

Thanks for spinning! I hope you didn’t get too dizzy.

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