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Launch Party

Launch Party published on 3 Comments on Launch Party

On my lightbox, with a new board, I trace the panel borders and lightly mark the spaces I’ve left for dialog in pencil. I have to be careful to make clear the spots where artwork breaks the borders or the bubbles so I don’t have to make corrections later. Then I rule the lines for the letters using my trusty Ames Lettering Guide. I pencil in the letters, then ink them with a couple different Micron pens (sort of a disposable technical pen). Then I draw the balloons, and ink the panels. When that’s done I erase all my pencil lines on the sheet. This now, is my favorite part of making the comic. Sharply ruled panels, dialog balloons and text stark black against my white board– I just think this looks so cool! Much better than after I dirty it up with a lot of silly drawings.


Bawwwwwwwwww 😀

This really is a genuine and sweet strip guys, well done 🙂

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