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Hobbit Feet

Hobbit Feet published on 2 Comments on Hobbit Feet

I’ve got more to say about my process, but it’s going to wait another week to be paired with a comic that clearly illustrates the next step. This comic is a little different from the others in that I produced it in the middle of the week. I was scheduled to be out of town on the coming weekend, and didn’t want to fall behind on the schedule I’d set for myself. So it was produced over a few evenings after work. Consequently, I think it shows how drained I am when I get home; creative work at the end of the day is always more difficult than first thing in the morning for me. It’s one of the reasons we chose to only update weekly. After work and dinner, I don’t want to draw, I want to shoot digital men in their digital face. It easier to destroy than it is to create. (Antonio Banderas said that.)


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