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Hitman:Absolution:Mini-Review published on 2 Comments on Hitman:Absolution:Mini-Review

I like this game very much, but if you’re planning on buying, I recommend you wait a couple of weeks. There’s currently a bug in the console versions that causes a crash that corrupts your save data. I’ve had my story-mode progress destroyed twice so far. Since I replay Hitman levels so much anyway, I haven’t taken it so hard, but I know for others it could be a deal breaker. Squeenix says there’s a patch on the way, so take your time before you buy so you won’t have to deal with this. If you’ve already got it, they’ve advising to play offline, which is what I’m doing. (UPDATE: I ran into the bug again last night, while offline. So that doesn’t work.)

My son has put more than twice the hours on this game than I, and hasn’t suffered this bug once. So your mileage may vary.



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