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Grumpy Old Man

Grumpy Old Man published on 3 Comments on Grumpy Old Man

More time travel– this comic (and this Thursday’s comic as well) were completed just this past weekend.  Their subjects are timely, and we didn’t want them to cool at the end of the queue for a couple months.  So you can see just where I’m at so far in my process, and how much I’ve leveled up my drawing skills (if at all).  I’m using a technique for the screens that is new to me, but much older than me– I brush a cyan ink over the comic anywhere I want a gray tone, then separate that channel in photoshop, and use it as a mask to apply the tone. The physical work is exactly like, say, Milton Caniff would do 70 years ago, but his separations would be done in-camera and at the plate-burning process, where mine is handled in photoshop.  I used to do that kind of camera/plate work before we switched to a digital process at my day job, and let me tell you, I don’t miss those days.


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