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One of those “Gee, I wonder who they used as inspiration” strips, and damn good one at that.

It seems the incident of me trying to repair a shed instead of a tank (whilst intoxicated) in BC2 has escaped all ya’ll’s notice, for which I am thankful.

Adults, indeed.

It really wasn’t a question of “can we think of a funny thing our friends did” and more of a question of “how do we represent all of the shenanigans you nutters perpetrate nightly” in only 3 panels. As such, your drunken shed repair (I do seem to remember this story) falls neatly into “CATEGORY THREE: INEBRIATION.” As does a certain someone’s penchant to create vile-sounding concoctions from cheap vodka and convenience store candy, I might add.

Force’s foibles might make an excellent future strip.

Though it would have to include a hearty dose of the brotherly love you and Wreck used to show one another, “Young Buck” to “Fuck face” in under ten seconds. 🙂

Hey Jack,

Plywood here (you remember me, don’t you?), just want to say amazing job with the strip, you and Jim have made some great strips lately. Keep it up man.

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