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When the Wife's Away

When the Wife’s Away

When the Wife’s Away published on 6 Comments on When the Wife’s Away

THUMBNAILS On a small sheet of paper, I quickly sketch the panel layout for the comic.  As I do this, I’m reading the script, considering Jack’s instructions, the characters’ dialogue and inner states, and the best way to frame each moment so that the story moves along and is easy to follow. I may go… Continue reading When the Wife’s Away

Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans published on 4 Comments on Best Laid Plans

ROUGH PENCIL After thumbnails, I work to size, with a #2 pencil and a smooth lightweight paper.  No more small stuff, I rule out my page, and panel edges. I work from loose scribbles, slowly tightening and erasing.  Dialogue is quickly scribbled in, to give me a sense of how much space it’s going to… Continue reading Best Laid Plans

The Neverending Meeting

The Neverending Meeting

The Neverending Meeting published on No Comments on The Neverending Meeting

MORE REFERENCE/RESEARCH After thumbnailing, it’s often time for more reference. Folks around me have commented on how PB resembles me in real life. Actually, all our characters do, because I’m mugging in front of a mirror in order to get those expressions and hands the way I want them. Or forcing my wife or son… Continue reading The Neverending Meeting

Zarathustra II

Zarathustra II

Zarathustra II published on 2 Comments on Zarathustra II

TIGHT PENCILS My roughs are definitely that– rough.  They’re a mess, and rather than spend hours with an eraser cleaning them up, I transfer them to a clean sheet of paper using my trusty homemade lightbox.  I transfer only the lines that I want to ink, and either mark “beta” areas (large areas of solid… Continue reading Zarathustra II

Launch Party

Launch Party

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PANEL BORDERS AND LETTERS On my lightbox, with a new board, I trace the panel borders and lightly mark the spaces I’ve left for dialog in pencil. I have to be careful to make clear the spots where artwork breaks the borders or the bubbles so I don’t have to make corrections later. Then I… Continue reading Launch Party