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Operation: Crappy Arcade Port

Operation: Crappy Arcade Port

Operation: Crappy Arcade Port published on 3 Comments on Operation: Crappy Arcade Port

This is another early one. I don’t really have a lot to say about how it was produced because I’m not really working like that any more. You’ll see soon enough: I’ll be drawing next week’s comic this weekend, so you’ll get to sort of flash forward into the present for a week, then back… Continue reading Operation: Crappy Arcade Port

Grumpy Old Man

Grumpy Old Man published on 3 Comments on Grumpy Old Man

More time travel– this comic (and this Thursday’s comic as well) were completed just this past weekend.  Their subjects are timely, and we didn’t want them to cool at the end of the queue for a couple months.  So you can see just where I’m at so far in my process, and how much I’ve… Continue reading Grumpy Old Man

Spiritual Hygiene

Spiritual Hygiene

Spiritual Hygiene published on 14 Comments on Spiritual Hygiene

The Black Phantom above is modeled after my son’s character in Dark Souls. He is very proud of this fact, but wants it to be clear that his gamertag is not KoopaKutie83. That was a bit of artistic license on our part. He hasn’t yet invaded someone’s game to grief them, but I know the… Continue reading Spiritual Hygiene



Tub-Bot published on 5 Comments on Tub-Bot

Good reference material is very important in getting good drawings.  When I have to represent a well known game or movie character, I’d better make him or her recognizable. Details of costume, features or location are hard to remember, and reference makes the difference between instant recognition and, “who’s that supposed to be?” If I’m… Continue reading Tub-Bot

The Rolling Dead

The Rolling Dead published on 5 Comments on The Rolling Dead

Happy Halloween! Or Jesus Ween, if you’re so inclined.  I love the idea of Jesus Ween because I love double entendres! And I particularly love it when people are oblivious to them. But my favorite form of celebration this time of year has to be the Mexican form.  Sugar skulls, papier-mache devils, good food, good… Continue reading The Rolling Dead

Hobbit Feet

Hobbit Feet

Hobbit Feet published on 2 Comments on Hobbit Feet

I’ve got more to say about my process, but it’s going to wait another week to be paired with a comic that clearly illustrates the next step. This comic is a little different from the others in that I produced it in the middle of the week. I was scheduled to be out of town… Continue reading Hobbit Feet

It's So Big

It’s So Big

It’s So Big published on 3 Comments on It’s So Big

Personally, I’m not a collector’s edition purchaser. To me it’s silly like worrying what color your computer case is. I’m not going to be looking at the case, I’m going to be looking at the screen! Besides, I hate dusting, and by extension, knick knacks.

Running In Place

Running In Place

Running In Place published on 2 Comments on Running In Place

My father once told me “Sometimes you have to learn despite your teachers.” In a similar way, sometimes you have to enjoy a game in spite of itself. I’m having a good time playing BF3 with my friends, but not because of the unlock system. And certainly not because of those damned flashlights! For me,… Continue reading Running In Place

It's a Trap!

It’s a Trap!

It’s a Trap! published on 1 Comment on It’s a Trap!

RESEARCH So for a few days prior to actually tackling a script, I’m studying how (for example) Threepio’s head is shaped, and how his joints bend (or don’t), trying different approaches to rendering his shiny finish.  This is the research stage.  These aren’t drawings that make it into the comic, usually they aren’t even good.… Continue reading It’s a Trap!