There can be only dumb.

There Can Be Only Dumb

There Can Be Only Dumb published on 3 Comments on There Can Be Only Dumb

It’s pretty obvious I’m hand-lettering these comics.  I’m working on that, but my handwriting’s always been pretty awful.  I’m doing as much as possible by hand actually.  The gray tones in this comic are added digitally, but I’m trying with each comic to make it as complete as possible using traditional tools and methods.  At… Continue reading There Can Be Only Dumb

Spiritual Hygiene

Spiritual Hygiene

Spiritual Hygiene published on 14 Comments on Spiritual Hygiene

The Black Phantom above is modeled after my son’s character in Dark Souls. He is very proud of this fact, but wants it to be clear that his gamertag is not KoopaKutie83. That was a bit of artistic license on our part. He hasn’t yet invaded someone’s game to grief them, but I know the… Continue reading Spiritual Hygiene

Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans published on 4 Comments on Best Laid Plans

ROUGH PENCIL After thumbnails, I work to size, with a #2 pencil and a smooth lightweight paper.  No more small stuff, I rule out my page, and panel edges. I work from loose scribbles, slowly tightening and erasing.  Dialogue is quickly scribbled in, to give me a sense of how much space it’s going to… Continue reading Best Laid Plans

Night of 100 Zombies

Night of 100 Zombies

Night of 100 Zombies published on 5 Comments on Night of 100 Zombies

Ladies, gentlemen and the rest of you (you know who you are), Unicorn Soup has finally reached 100 comics! A celebration is in order. If you’re seated in a swivel chair, feel free to spin yourself around now.