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Stages of Life in Suburbia

Stages of Life in Suburbia published on No Comments on Stages of Life in Suburbia

There’ve been some darker comics coming out on Thursday lately. Some readers have asked if everything’s ok in my personal life. Not to worry, everything’s fine. I’d like to remind everyone that this is not an autobiographical comic. ūüôā

Remember your twenties, when it seemed that all your friends were getting married? And then shortly after, it seemed like all your friends were having kids? Well, it seems that I’m now at the age where all my friends are getting divorces. It’s just become part of the fabric of our lives. It happens, and since that’s the case, I figured it should happen in the comic, as well. It might provide more material to work with. We’ll see.

I was discussing these apparent stages of life with an older friend of mine. He pointed out that he’s at the stage where it seems all his friends are dying. Which is pretty depressing. So yeah, I guess divorce doesn’t look so bad now, does it?

I don’t know if there are any stages between his and mine. I guess we’ll see.

New look

New look published on No Comments on New look

Hope you like it! The old one was looking a bit stale, I think. The functionality is more or less the same as the old– use the “Story Prev” and “Story Next” to move along storylines, and the plain old “Prev” and “Next” to move chronologically. Use the archives to find older stories and comics, and the RSS feed if you want Unicorn Soup to come to you every Tuesday and Thursday!

If you find anything that doesn’t seem to work right for you, let me know in the comments, or using the contact form. Thanks for reading!

Let’s Get it On

Let’s Get it On published on 6 Comments on Let’s Get it On

Personally, I’ve only seen about 5 minutes of Game of Thrones, in total. I use my TV as nature intended, for shooting imaginary men in their imaginary faces. Judging from the fact that nobody on the entire internet can effing shut up about it, it must be a very good TV show. That’s nice. Maybe I’ll look at it when the series is finished. But probably not– I burnt out on long-running series back when X-Files started to founder. Actually, I quit that series early because I was still smarting from when David Lynch was forced to wrap up Twin Peaks. And have you seen the end of Evangelion? They had to make two movies to make sense of that, and it’s still incomprehensible.

The problem I have with these longer format stories is that I don’t like the rhythm. The writers are forced to always end with suspense to make sure their viewers come back next week, or next season. It becomes tiresome, and feels more like feeding an addiction than enjoying a story for me. Watching the episodes in chunks after they’ve first aired helps, but the over all rhythm remains unchanged. It’s even worse for shows that break for commercials, because the format requires three little suspense moments every episode. That’s why you can set your watch to an episode of House.

I’d like to see more series that run for one season only– Like Shogun. Tell a story, then stop. Unfortunately, when ratings are high, there is no ‘stop’ for studio execs. That comes when ratings droop, and they force a show to wrap things up. And I can’t think of any examples where that made a show better.

Requisite Cat Comic

Requisite Cat Comic published on No Comments on Requisite Cat Comic

Interesting side note: when working on a previous comic that involved a cat, Jack sent me photos of his cats to use as reference. He has 2, the maine coon that is featured above, and a short-haired female with tabby markings.

I was taken aback, a bit. I have two cats (rather, my family is subject to two cats); they are brothers, both tabbys, one long-haired and one short– each the spitting image of their counterpart in Jack’s household. Since you’re reading this, you’re probably a nerd, and probably aware of how big a deal something like this is to cat owner/subjects.

We took it as a sign. Also, it means that all of the stunts were performed not by Jack’s cat, but by his stunt double here in my household.

By the way, our long-hair is named Jack. It’s turtles all the way down, folks.

Almost Found Out

Almost Found Out published on No Comments on Almost Found Out

Sharing Unicorn Soup with your friends has been scientifically proven to prevent your March Madness Brackets from bursting into flames after the first weekend. Seriously, Florida Gulf Coast–who picks a 15 to go to the Sweet 16?

That my dear reader is how I pass as a normal everyday of work. 30 minutes of ESPN radio a few times a week on the way to work and I’m set for my talking points.

Check it out, *ahem*

“So who do you like, Tiger or the field?”

“Yeah, Flacco signed a huge new deal but he won’t see most of that money.”

“The Yankees won’t even finish second the AL East–that division is loaded! Smart money is on Toronto.”

“D’Antoni’s system just isn’t built for two bigs.”

Pretty good right? I actually like sports well enough, but I haven’t watched any regularly for years…it’s just too dramatic. Not good dramatic, more like “Pretty Little Liars” dramatic. Don’t believe it? Just watch any emotionally manipulative ESPN bio piece… or a 30 for 30.

Anyway, it’s best to just have a few stock responses ready and when in doubt, go Jordan and you’ll be fine.


Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’s Torso?

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’s Torso? published on 1 Comment on Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’s Torso?

To be clear, the comic is a critique of sexism in gaming and the game industry.

“But Jack,” you’re no doubt thinking “that’s obvious! ¬†Don’t you have faith in me as a reader?”

“Yes,” I respond. “Yes, I do dear reader. After all, you’re part of the real cool club that is Unicorn Soup!”

That said, you never know where your comic will wind up…plus there are a lot of stupid people in the world.

Take as evidence the inexplicable promotional campaign that was the¬†Dead Island: ¬†Riptide’s torso boobs statue. A company that earlier suffered from the ignominy of the a bit of left over code labeling the female lead a “Feminist Whore.”¬†A bit of code, no matter how tasteless and ugly, could just be the¬†remnant¬†of a hateful¬†programmer¬†-and shouldn’t necessarily be held against an entire organization. ¬†A promotional campaign complete with a tiny busty bust–sure doesn’t speak well of the corporate climate surrounding Deep Silver.

I like clear glaring displays of stupidity. It lets you know who to avoid, and who to avoid giving your money to.



You Say Yes

You Say Yes published on 3 Comments on You Say Yes

Had Conan lived in an age with “Ghostbusters” and “Skyrim” I suspect, if he’d been honest with himself, he would have added them to his list of what is best in life–I don’t think they’d have beaten out enemy crushing, but they’re both way better than women lamenting.

But of course, I’m Jack the Civil and he’s Conan the Barbarian so maybe I’m just projecting.

This may very well be one of my favorite comics. We’ve got some nice Easter Eggs in there too for those with an eye for detail. First the entire comic plays on a quote from, that most quotable of movies, “Ghostbusters.” ¬†Here’s the scene, you’re welcome.

Panel 3 has a very nice pile of bones that was once Xavier’s cat–we’ll call her Stalker. In real-life my brother is both really into his cat and Skyrim, though to my knowledge she’s still with us. The second is a little homage to one of my comic heroes Bugs Bunny.

Panel 4 you’ll notice that Xavier has just finished making a deposit into one of his pee bottles. To my knowledge the real life Xavier has plumbing, but he is a bachelor so I’m not willing to say he hasn’t made a trucker bomb in his recliner. Admit it gentlemen, the temptation is strong.

Panel 5 Xavier has tissue boxes on his feet. I’ll avoid the obvious tissue joke here. On another note, man can Jim draw a grizzled hobo-looking guy. Well done partner!

Well that’s it for this week. Make sure to share us with your friends and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.



It Came to Me in a Dream

It Came to Me in a Dream published on 3 Comments on It Came to Me in a Dream

I stumbled upon an interesting article via Kotaku today.

Time magazine has put together another list–no, not the 100 greatest sex scandals involving generals (though I’m hoping that’ll be coming soon apparently, General MacArthur had a thing for scented toilet paper and riding crops), this list is the “All-Time 100 Video Games.”

There are a few weird ones for me like Paperboy, but all in all I think the list is pretty good and it reminded me how much I love killing space cats. ¬†Wing Commander¬†is an amazing IP and in desperate need of a reboot. ¬†In fact, whatever happened to the space shooter sim? ¬†X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and all its¬†iterations–it used to be a¬†robust¬†genre¬† I’m a bit sad it went away.

So what do you think readers, any titles that were egregious¬†omissions from Time’s list?



The Fate of the Universe

The Fate of the Universe published on No Comments on The Fate of the Universe

The Fate of the Universe was decided two nights ago.

As such, let’s have a¬†moratorium on a few things:

  1. Pictures of crying Romney supporters. ¬†I get it, you liked the guy. ¬†Losing hurts, but those of us on the Left survived two terms of President Bush you’ll survive two of President Obama–so dry your tears.
  2. Pictures of crying Obama supporters. ¬†I like the guy well enough too, but crying. ¬†Really? ¬†Maybe I’m too much of a stoic but I sort of feel like tears should be more reserved for the birth of your first child–and possibly being struck in the genitals (though the genital thing is really more eye watering).
  3. Facebook political aficionados. ¬†Your Facebook friends are all very impressed that you read Paul Krugman regularly (I do too, see I’m smart), but please stop pretending the Nobel¬†Laureate’s well informed, meticulously researched opinions are your novel and completely original addition to the nation’s political debate.
  4. Predictions about the 2016 race.  Please no.
  5. Platitudes as policy. ¬†“Freedom needs to be restored!” ¬†“Maximize liberty!” ¬†“The country is going down!” ¬†The last one just sounds obscene.