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Rip Off

Rip Off published on 2 Comments on Rip Off

Everything’s coming up Milhouse here in the land of the Soup.

We’ve been nominated for a spot on Kotaku’s Sunday Comics.  There are two things you can do to help us get there.

  1. Vote!  Here’s the link.  You can vote for up to ten artists, just be sure that we’re one of them 🙂  Give our buddy Javis over at Legacy Control some love as well…come on the man quit his job to make you laugh, the least you can do is toss a few dozen votes his way from every IP you’ve got access to.
  2. Spread the word!  Share the URL below with your Facebook/Twitter friends, there’s no login necessary, and ten seconds of your time could make a huge difference in our lives.  Here’s the link, and it’s built for sharing 🙂

The exposure we’d receive would be huge for Jim and I–good lord I want this to happen!  Just look at this post, I’m using emoticons!  I never do that–this is serious.


In news unrelated to my comic fantasies…huh, well actually there’s nothing else in my brain right now.  Basically, I’m just wondering how much grovelling and begging is too much, and how I might get access to a huge bank of computers.



Tea & Strumpets

Tea & Strumpets published on 2 Comments on Tea & Strumpets

In case you are planning on entertaining strumpets– they prefer french toast, or so I’ve been told.

In news unrelated to breakfast themed malapropisms, Skyrim needs a warning label. Along the lines of the Surgeon General’s warning on cigarettes. Here are my suggestions:

  • Caution: Skyrim  May be Hazardous to Your Relationships
  • SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Skyrim Causes Ceaseless Daydreams And Discontent With Reality, Hemorrhoids, and the Acceptance of Hotpockets as “Food”
  • SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Quitting Skyrim Now Greatly Reduces Risks You’ll Spend the Next Two Hours Organizing Virtual Bookshelves.
  • SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Playing Skyrim By a Pregnant Women May Result in Injury, a Hormonal Rant About How She Should Have Married Larry,  And Significantly Lower Chance of Fathering Children Again.
  • SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Skyrim Is Everything You’ve Ever Wanted In a Game. If You’ve Read Any Steinbeck–You Know It’ll Wind-up Destroying You.

Think about it Surgeon General.




Hitman:Absolution:Mini-Review published on 2 Comments on Hitman:Absolution:Mini-Review

In other stealth murder news…I picked up Skyrim on Steam a week or so ago.

Though my life is about as hectic as it has ever been, I’ve put in a fair number of hours with my Illusionist-Archer. This is sort of a departure for me as I typically go for the Paladin build or perhaps malevolent mage. That said, I’m loving the game and the character. There’s something exquisite about a game that gives you the sense that you’ve outsmarted your opponents rather than just out muscled them.

I picked up the two DLC add-ons as well during Steam’s Fall Sale–so I’m well on my way to domestic bliss both in game and in real life. Though I may be going goth soon too.

If you missed our holiday special because of–well the holiday, then check our some delicious nerd left-overs here.

Happy retailing this month soup fans.


It Came to Me in a Dream

It Came to Me in a Dream published on 3 Comments on It Came to Me in a Dream

I stumbled upon an interesting article via Kotaku today.

Time magazine has put together another list–no, not the 100 greatest sex scandals involving generals (though I’m hoping that’ll be coming soon apparently, General MacArthur had a thing for scented toilet paper and riding crops), this list is the “All-Time 100 Video Games.”

There are a few weird ones for me like Paperboy, but all in all I think the list is pretty good and it reminded me how much I love killing space cats.  Wing Commander is an amazing IP and in desperate need of a reboot.  In fact, whatever happened to the space shooter sim?  X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and all its iterations–it used to be a robust genre  I’m a bit sad it went away.

So what do you think readers, any titles that were egregious omissions from Time’s list?



The Fate of the Universe

The Fate of the Universe published on No Comments on The Fate of the Universe

The Fate of the Universe was decided two nights ago.

As such, let’s have a moratorium on a few things:

  1. Pictures of crying Romney supporters.  I get it, you liked the guy.  Losing hurts, but those of us on the Left survived two terms of President Bush you’ll survive two of President Obama–so dry your tears.
  2. Pictures of crying Obama supporters.  I like the guy well enough too, but crying.  Really?  Maybe I’m too much of a stoic but I sort of feel like tears should be more reserved for the birth of your first child–and possibly being struck in the genitals (though the genital thing is really more eye watering).
  3. Facebook political aficionados.  Your Facebook friends are all very impressed that you read Paul Krugman regularly (I do too, see I’m smart), but please stop pretending the Nobel Laureate’s well informed, meticulously researched opinions are your novel and completely original addition to the nation’s political debate.
  4. Predictions about the 2016 race.  Please no.
  5. Platitudes as policy.  “Freedom needs to be restored!”  “Maximize liberty!”  “The country is going down!”  The last one just sounds obscene.



A Very Unicorn Halloween

A Very Unicorn Halloween published on 4 Comments on A Very Unicorn Halloween

Happy Halloween Soupies!

*If the video doesn’t load please reload the page, I swear it’s worth it.  Or watch it here.

Well, the election is nearly over.

Take a moment to thank whatever merciful deity you pray to that it’s nearly over, then immediately question its existence for putting you through this hellish election in the first place.

Thank you little girl, you put into words and adorable tears the torment and ache in my soul.

Soon it will all be over–well for about 18 months it’ll be over, then the perpetual campaign will start up again. I wonder if Canada is taking applications.

On a gaming note, what little time I’ve had for gaming has been spent with The Witcher 2. If you’re not up on the series imagine a good game set in the Game of Thrones universe, and you’ve about got it. Great story, voice work, and a really deep and novel RPG system.  It’s also brutal, dark, funny, and really engaging. No doubt a comic will be coming soon–maybe like a Geralt of Rivia meets…dainty JRPG protagonist and wackiness ensues.




Cleanliness published on 3 Comments on Cleanliness

I Purelled my desk today. A student brought in a huge bag of change for a fundraiser and dumped it on my desk. Thoughtful. generous, and filthy.

So I Purelled (I know it’s a noun, but now it’s a verb–deal with it).

I’m not a lame “germa-phobe.” Messes, dirt, and a dash of filth are a part of life–I get that.  I like to think of myself as germ aware. In this case, I’m well aware that coins are filthy.

Also filthy, public bathrooms.

I don’t touch anything in a public bathroom with my hands. It’s a feet only zone.



Hand towel dispenser–feet.

I use the hand towel to open the door, something I haven’t figured out how to do with my feet. As I’ve mentioned, I’m rather tall so I’m sure I look hilarious and awkward to anyone who happens to see me.

As I kick everything in sight, I often wonder, “Does anyone use their hands? Am I, so unusual?”

So readers, when I inadvertently step in a puddle of trucker urine then use the bottom of my shoe to operate the towel dispenser–I’m not violating any social compact between civilized bathroom users am I?



It Takes a Village…of Zombies

It Takes a Village…of Zombies published on 2 Comments on It Takes a Village…of Zombies

The origin of this comic is DayZ.  Brutal, horrible DayZ.

If getting ganked for a can beans doesn’t make a gamer crave the ability to switch teams and join the zombie horde, then I don’t know what will.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t gank a guy for his beans–I just haven’t been able to yet.

Truth be told, I stink at DayZ. Like a heretofore unknown level of stink.

Which is weird for me, as I’m generally an apt enough gamer. I guess I just haven’t tapped into that deep, patient part of my gaming psyche that would allow me to sit in a tree all day with a sniper rife in the hopes that someone may wander into my field of vision…all for a can beans.

In theory, that is one of the allures of DayZ–the real menace to the survivors isn’t really the zombie plague, rather it’s your fellow survivors. No doubt (like with all games) this experience would be better with friends.

Friends I could run with. Friends I could explore a bleak survival simulator with.

Ultimately, friends I could betray for their beans.