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Comic updates to Facebook

Comic updates to Facebook published on No Comments on Comic updates to Facebook

I’m trying out a plugin that will allow Unicorn Soup to automatically update its facebook page when a new comic or post goes live. This post is both a test of the system, and a warning to folks following the page, in case things go nuts, now you’ll know why. Stay tuned, and please let me know if this becomes obnoxious. Thanks!

Stages of Life in Suburbia

Stages of Life in Suburbia published on No Comments on Stages of Life in Suburbia

There’ve been some darker comics coming out on Thursday lately. Some readers have asked if everything’s ok in my personal life. Not to worry, everything’s fine. I’d like to remind everyone that this is not an autobiographical comic. 🙂

Remember your twenties, when it seemed that all your friends were getting married? And then shortly after, it seemed like all your friends were having kids? Well, it seems that I’m now at the age where all my friends are getting divorces. It’s just become part of the fabric of our lives. It happens, and since that’s the case, I figured it should happen in the comic, as well. It might provide more material to work with. We’ll see.

I was discussing these apparent stages of life with an older friend of mine. He pointed out that he’s at the stage where it seems all his friends are dying. Which is pretty depressing. So yeah, I guess divorce doesn’t look so bad now, does it?

I don’t know if there are any stages between his and mine. I guess we’ll see.

New look

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Hope you like it! The old one was looking a bit stale, I think. The functionality is more or less the same as the old– use the “Story Prev” and “Story Next” to move along storylines, and the plain old “Prev” and “Next” to move chronologically. Use the archives to find older stories and comics, and the RSS feed if you want Unicorn Soup to come to you every Tuesday and Thursday!

If you find anything that doesn’t seem to work right for you, let me know in the comments, or using the contact form. Thanks for reading!