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So, yeah. Rosie the Kunoichi wasn’t supposed to be this long. I had planned it as an 8 pager, 10 pages tops. Well, plans change. I’m having fun with this story, and I hope you are enjoying it. It has a couple more detours to make before it wraps up, I think.

There will be more “Rosie the…” stories in the future. They give me the opportunity to draw stuff that normally doesn’t come up in a family comic, and I’m enjoying writing a young female protagonist. While there are lots of such stories out there, very few of these heroines are people I’d want my daughter to grow into. Too many of them are just bland pivots for more interesting characters to revolve around.

Jack is working on a large form story as well, which we expect to run in chapters interspersed with the other Tuesday stuff (more on that when it’s ready). Speaking of which, obviously Blank Verse is back. This is a short chapter, and once it’s done another chapter of Untitled will run. I’m busy scripting more Blank Verse chapters, and am very excited about where this is heading. Hopefully you’ll dig it as well.

It’s a little bewildering trying to juggle so many stories on a website that only updates twice a week, but this method helps to keep the comic from becoming a chore for me. I guess I get bored easily, and working on longer stories all at one go requires willpower that I’m often lacking after dealing with my regular job and day-to-day living. Changing up the stories regularly helps keep it fresh and fun for me. Hopefully you are enjoying the variety we are offering.

Remember, if you come into the middle of a story, you can use the “< Story” and “Story >” buttons (underneath “PREV” and “NEXT”) to move forward and backward along specific storylines. And check the archive page for links to anything you might have missed. Thanks for sticking with us, and happy reading!