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Morning Commute

Morning Commute published on 3 Comments on Morning Commute

Many mornings on my way to work I think about the incredibility of the fact that, as a species, we haven’t all killed each other yet. It’s pretty amazing, don’t you think? There’s no better illustration of the inherent selfishness, narcissism and rampant entitlement of the average human being than to watch a large number of them all try to drive to work at the same time. Well, maybe YouTube comments.

Actually, you don’t even need to watch them. You just have to participate, and pay attention to yourself, and your mammalian impulses to scream, honk, bludgeon and fling feces at your fellow commuters. It’s rather enlightening– it’s also terribly depressing, but sometimes the truth, she hurts.

It’s usually at these times I start thinking about getting older– what if I have a stroke, or am struck with dementia, or somehow otherwise lose some of my impulse control? Will I end up dying in a hail of police bullets because I pushed some idiot who doesn’t understand turn signals into a river? I suppose there are worse ways to go.

But I’m thinking about taking the bus instead.


The bus system takes longer but I can be at peace while reading a book. 🙂

Being from Southern California, it’s taken a long time for me to get over the cultural stigma that buses have. In Los Angeles they’re thought of as rolling mental hospitals, which isn’t true (most of the time). Up here in the Pacific Northwest, they’re under-used and under-scheduled, but not nearly as frightening. I had some car trouble a while back, and was excited and looking forward to using the bus system– but then was able to fix my car before I needed it. :/

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