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Fear and Parenting, Part 2

Fear and Parenting, Part 2 published on No Comments on Fear and Parenting, Part 2

As hard as it is being frightened for your children in an uncertain world, it’s even worse to see that your children are afraid of something you have no control over. You can only protect them so far– confirming a lack of monsters under bed or in closet is the easy part. When they ask the hard questions, it’s hard to answer truthfully.

But I’m convinced that a truthful answer is the best; even if it has some short-term ramifications, such as nightmares. Maybe not the whole truth, but at any rate, no fairy tales. Later, when they learn the Tooth Fairy isn’t real, they’ll learn that you are untrustworthy. That’s bad, m’kay?

Okay, enough with the serious. We’ll be back to our usual inanity next week. Sleep tight!

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