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Never Cross the Order

Never Cross the Order published on 2 Comments on Never Cross the Order

The first Dragonborn got his powers shortly after following Unicorn Soup on Facebook, Twitter, and sharing U.S. with all his friends and family. Wouldn’t you like to absorb dragon souls too?

Two guys I really like JJ Abrams and Gabe Newell announced today that they are looking to collaborate on both games and movies. We live in a brave and beautiful new world.

Certainly, it’s easy to nitpick the two creators–and preforming in nerd culture at the level that they do is sort of like being a sports star in New York City, that said I can’t wait for the collaboration. Think of it–a Valve Movie/Game crossover that blends the sci-fi genius that was the first two seasons of “Lost” with the innovative humor and storytelling of Portal…Aperture as Dharma Initiative?  A proper Half-Life movie complete with Orwellian overtones and not Shia cast as Gordon Freeman.

Or, the Holy Grail of crossovers–a Valve produced series of Star Wars games based on JJ’s up and coming Episodes VII, VIII and IX!  My friend Brian’s head has no doubt exploded somewhere in Ohio at this suggestion–but I can think of nothing better.

Think of the possibilities–Star Wars DoTA, Star Wars TF2, Star Wars Portal staring R2 and 3PO, Star Wars Left4Dead complete with Rakghoul Plague… the iterations are endless.

Thank you Universe for making these guys buddies. You have restored my faith, I guess  God really does love us nerds.




I’m not sure Brian will be as enthusiastic as you think. I mean, what if Portal gets blended with the LAST two seasons of Lost rather than the first two?

I sincerely hope that their collaboration does not involve Star Wars because there’d be no way to keep Disney CEOs from meddling. And that’s bad for everybody.

[wipes brains from screen]

You mean to imply that the LEGO Tie Interceptor and talking Portal turret on my desk could be… something more?

I’m trying REALLY hard to reach a zen place regarding Star Wars, so I can be detached and not have my heart broken anymore. If anyone’s going to make (more of) a mess of the IP, might as well be fans or people with crazy ideas.

As for that Left4Dead-style rakghoul game? Put me down for a preorder.

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