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Circle of Life

Circle of Life published on 2 Comments on Circle of Life

Were you aware that following Unicorn Soup on Twitter and Facebook may result in spontaneous genie wish fulfillment? The one downside is that the genie will be voiced by a hyperactive furry midget with a transparent cocaine problem, so make your wishes count.

When I started blogging I didn’t feel particularly funny so I Googled Emo song lyrics–admittedly, I know nothing about Emo music nor do I know anything about these bands. Just the same I feel better–here are two of my favorite Gloomy Gus Bands and their Sad Sally Lyrics.

This one is a gem, by a band named Saetia:

It’s too bad, it’s too tragic
I spent myself choking on the motions
leading up to

The misfortune in question here is that his mom loaded his favorite cutting knife in the dishwasher. Which means she was totally in his bedroom while he was at soccer practice. It’s like, why are there even doors in their house? Parents just don’t understand.

Here’s a peach by Taking Back Sunday. I did some research on this lyric and apparently it’s a good way to test a friendship.

Here’s how the test goes, if you can recite this lyric, as if it’s your thought, to someone who claims to be your friend, and they don’t smack you in your face like Don Corleone…then they’re not really your friend.

The truth is you could slit my throat
and with my one last gasping breath
I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt

Thanks Emo world. I feel way better.




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