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The Fate of the Universe

The Fate of the Universe published on No Comments on The Fate of the Universe

The Fate of the Universe was decided two nights ago.

As such, let’s have a moratorium on a few things:

  1. Pictures of crying Romney supporters.  I get it, you liked the guy.  Losing hurts, but those of us on the Left survived two terms of President Bush you’ll survive two of President Obama–so dry your tears.
  2. Pictures of crying Obama supporters.  I like the guy well enough too, but crying.  Really?  Maybe I’m too much of a stoic but I sort of feel like tears should be more reserved for the birth of your first child–and possibly being struck in the genitals (though the genital thing is really more eye watering).
  3. Facebook political aficionados.  Your Facebook friends are all very impressed that you read Paul Krugman regularly (I do too, see I’m smart), but please stop pretending the Nobel Laureate’s well informed, meticulously researched opinions are your novel and completely original addition to the nation’s political debate.
  4. Predictions about the 2016 race.  Please no.
  5. Platitudes as policy.  “Freedom needs to be restored!”  “Maximize liberty!”  “The country is going down!”  The last one just sounds obscene.



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