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It Came to Me in a Dream

It Came to Me in a Dream published on 3 Comments on It Came to Me in a Dream

I stumbled upon an interesting article via Kotaku today.

Time magazine has put together another list–no, not the 100 greatest sex scandals involving generals (though I’m hoping that’ll be coming soon apparently, General MacArthur had a thing for scented toilet paper and riding crops), this list is the “All-Time 100 Video Games.”

There are a few weird ones for me like Paperboy, but all in all I think the list is pretty good and it reminded me how much I love killing space cats.  Wing Commander is an amazing IP and in desperate need of a reboot.  In fact, whatever happened to the space shooter sim?  X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and all its iterations–it used to be a robust genre  I’m a bit sad it went away.

So what do you think readers, any titles that were egregious omissions from Time’s list?




I believe I would have chosen Morrowind over Oblivion for a list of this nature. Also Arkham Asylum over Arkham City because I felt like Arkham City was missing some of the magic of Arkham Asylum and Asylum was the first and set the standard. Also, and though I haven’t played either, judging by the huge ending controversy of Mass Effect 3, it seems like the original would have been a better choice over the third.

Damn it, I refuse to scrutinize another list like this and you can’t make me. Well, you can’t make me any more than you already did. Wait, I don’t see Q*bert anywhere and there is a definite lack of any JRPGs, damn it, stop.

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