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A Very Unicorn Halloween

A Very Unicorn Halloween published on 4 Comments on A Very Unicorn Halloween

Happy Halloween Soupies!

*If the video doesn’t load please reload the page, I swear it’s worth it.  Or watch it here.

Well, the election is nearly over.

Take a moment to thank whatever merciful deity you pray to that it’s nearly over, then immediately question its existence for putting you through this hellish election in the first place.

Thank you little girl, you put into words and adorable tears the torment and ache in my soul.

Soon it will all be over–well for about 18 months it’ll be over, then the perpetual campaign will start up again. I wonder if Canada is taking applications.

On a gaming note, what little time I’ve had for gaming has been spent with The Witcher 2. If you’re not up on the series imagine a good game set in the Game of Thrones universe, and you’ve about got it. Great story, voice work, and a really deep and novel RPG system.  It’s also brutal, dark, funny, and really engaging. No doubt a comic will be coming soon–maybe like a Geralt of Rivia meets…dainty JRPG protagonist and wackiness ensues.




Cleanliness published on 3 Comments on Cleanliness

I Purelled my desk today. A student brought in a huge bag of change for a fundraiser and dumped it on my desk. Thoughtful. generous, and filthy.

So I Purelled (I know it’s a noun, but now it’s a verb–deal with it).

I’m not a lame “germa-phobe.” Messes, dirt, and a dash of filth are a part of life–I get that.  I like to think of myself as germ aware. In this case, I’m well aware that coins are filthy.

Also filthy, public bathrooms.

I don’t touch anything in a public bathroom with my hands. It’s a feet only zone.



Hand towel dispenser–feet.

I use the hand towel to open the door, something I haven’t figured out how to do with my feet. As I’ve mentioned, I’m rather tall so I’m sure I look hilarious and awkward to anyone who happens to see me.

As I kick everything in sight, I often wonder, “Does anyone use their hands? Am I, so unusual?”

So readers, when I inadvertently step in a puddle of trucker urine then use the bottom of my shoe to operate the towel dispenser–I’m not violating any social compact between civilized bathroom users am I?