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Nothing Says I’m Sorry Like Flowers

Nothing Says I’m Sorry Like Flowers published on 2 Comments on Nothing Says I’m Sorry Like Flowers

I’m a bit under the weather, so I’m going to be really brief tonight.

I’ve been spending the slivers of free-time I have playing UbiSoft’s Rocksmith. I can’t praise this game effusively enough–in fact, I love it enough to cross the “Pedant Barrier” and use the word “effusive.”

If you’ve ever been interested in learning the guitar or even if you’re a veteran guitarist, like Jim and I, it’s an amazing game. It works like a Rockband or GuitarHero game, except instead of clicking away on a toy, you get to rock out on your guitar. It’s engaging, challenging, and fun.

The game includes mini-games intended to help you master scales, chords, and general face melting techniques. It teaches you to play by starting you off with single notes, works up to roots/fifths, and finally chords and more complex arrangements.

Between this title and the Assassin’s Creed titles, UbiSoft is really doing games well. Hooray for UbiSoft… now send us some swag.




My wife plays guitar and I bought it for her at her request. She played it once for a few hours and never picked it up again. The story of 95% of the things I buy her, it seems. Also, I seem to recall that sales were so poor that there’s absolutely no way they’re going to make another one.

We played the hell out of Rock Band over the span of a year or more so it’s a little disappointing that she never plays Rocksmith. Interesting side note: she’s not a gamer and I don’t play guitar so I thoroughly enjoyed kicking her ass in Rock Band. Thoroughly. Maybe a little too much.

Rocksmith is certainly not for everyone. A niche game if ever there was one. If you don’t care for the music it offers, playing is dull. Also, if you aren’t already familiar with the songs it includes, it’s quite easy to get lost. There’s no accounting for taste, and as you say, she’s not a gamer, so maybe that’s it.

But the biggest problem I’ve found with Rocksmith is the lag. I find it near unplayable using HDMI or optical audio cables. Connecting to the tv/receiver with analog cables vastly improved performance, as did disabling some of the picture correction features my tv applies by default. I still had to do a fair bit of tweaking with the game’s calibration mode to get things to line up naturally for me, though.

Since you’re Rock Band players, you’ve probably already adjusted your setup for lag a bit. But I found that the biggest obstacle for my enjoyment was the game was lag. Dealing with it has helped immensely.

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